Wyoming Senior Golfers' Association

Newsletter 2010      






                 Mother Nature Shortens Annual Event
    This year's annual tournament was looking to be the best tournament in recent history.  The tournament committee in Rawlins did a wonderful job, working long hours and soliciting may donations to this year's event.  The day started out a little overcast but very little wind and very pleasant conditions for playing golf.  Then lightening and cold rain made its appearance.  Most every one had made it half way through round one.  Every one was called off the course and we had a long rain delay.  The lightening passed and we went out to finish round one.  It was cold, windy and raining but every one finished.  The next morning we awoke to much of the same conditions, rain and overcast. The tournament committee met and the decision to not play the second round was made.  I'm sure every one was disappointed, as was I, but playing 18 holes in the rain and possibly having another 3 hour rain/lightening delay would not be fun, so I think it was a wise decision.  I'm sorry if there are any hard feeling.  The tournament became a one round event and at breakfast winners announced and prizes awarded. At breakfast Wednesday morning, it was suggested the Wednesday afternoon luncheon money be donated back to the Wyoming Senior Golfers' Association, everyone agreed.
    I really have to hand it to the staff at Rochelle Ranch and Bunkerz restaurant for their hard work and especially to Bunkerz who had 80 golfers converge on them needing food and drink during the rain delay which they handled with friendly demeanor and complete professionalism.  I thank them!

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